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Natura Handmade Wooden Salad Bowls

Natura Handmade Wooden Salad Bowls
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Hello and thank you for your interest in the Organic Future Bamboo Salad and Fruit Bowl. As you can see our salad bowl is made from Bamboo which is an amazing fast growing grass that is a natural and renewable resource. Our bowl is handcrafted using small strips of bamboo and finished with a food safe lacquer. With a 10in Width, a 10in Diameter, and a 6in Height our bowl has plenty of room for tossing salad, displaying fruit, or serving chips and popcorn. Each bowl is lightweight, durable, and highly attractive as a decoration.

Cleaning is simple, wash in warm soapy water, rinse, and leave to air dry, occasionally rub mineral oil to keep up appearance. We source our products from fair-trade suppliers who practice fair-trade labor law to ensure our customers receive a high quality bowl for their home. Our bowl is grown from bamboo therefore it is organic, natural, renewable and sustainable. We love Bamboo, therefore we encourage our customers to eat healthy and serve healthy. Thanks again, Organic Future.

High Quality Bamboo Bowl. Lightweight
Eco-Friendly, Natural, Organic.
Food Safe Lacquer
Handmade, Authentic. Sturdy
Deep Bowl for Easy Tossing.

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