NATURAL FOUNDATION POWDER Loose organic clay mineral

NATURAL FOUNDATION POWDER  Loose organic clay mineral
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Natural foundation powder (2oz jar with approx. 12 grams of foundation powder) All Natural Ingredients No Artificially produced minerals or micas No Titanium Dioxide! Handmade in Pennsylvania 100% Clay Luxurious! This 100% natural clay foundation creates a beautiful, natural finish. shades and ingredients: light: Green Clay, Kaolin Clay, Moroccan Clay light/medium: Moroccan Clay, Kaolin Clay medium: Moroccan Clay, Kaolin Clay why these ingredients: a lot of people are buying ingredients in bulk and reproducing large chain foundations for you to purchase. The problem is that those makeups have ingredients like the known carcinogen titanium dioxide or nano zinc oxide (much tinier particles than the non-nano zinc oxide so that you do not see it on the skin as much).

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