Natural Magick Magiae naturalis By John Baptista Porta PDF

Natural Magick Magiae naturalis By John Baptista Porta PDF
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Natural Magick (Magiae naturalis) by John Baptista Porta (Giambattista della Porta) (1535-1615) This scarce antiquarian book is the original book expertly scanned. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. We believe this work is culturally important, and if not preserved will be lost forever. = Please Note:THIS is in digital format and are not the actual paper copy. This is a pdf ebook – Available for Instant Download. Because of the large filesize – This ebook contains the link where you can download the books via googledrive to your pc. = a neapolitane:in twenty books (1584 a.d.) Wherein are set forth All the Riches and Delights Of the natural sciences Twenty Books “Preface To The Reader” The First Book of Natural Magick “Of the Causes of Wonderful Things.” “Wherein are searched out the causes of things which produce wonderful effects” The Second Book of Natural Magick “Of the Generation of Animals.” “Showing how living creatures of diverse kinds, may be mingled and coupled together, that from them, new and yet profitable kinds of living creatures may be generated.” The Third Book Of Natural Magick “Of the Production of New Plants.” Which delivers certain precepts of Husbandry, and shows how to intermingle sundry kinds of Plants and how to produce new kinds. The Fourth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Increasing Household-Stuff.” Which teaches things belonging to house-keeping; How to prepare domestic necessities with a small cost; And how to keep them when they are procured. The Fifth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Changing Metals.” “Which treateth of Alchemy, showing how metals may be altered and transformed, one into another” The Sixth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Counterfeiting Glorious Stones.” The Seventh Book Of Natural Magick “Of the Wonders of the Load-Stone.” The Eighth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Physical Experiments” The Ninth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Beautifiying Women.” The Tenth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Distillation.” The Eleventh Book Of Natural Magick “Of Perfuming. ” The Twelveth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Artificial Fires.” The Thirteenth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Tempering Steel.” The Fourteenth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Cookery.” The Fifteenth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Fishing, Fowling, Hunting, etc.” (Complete) The Sixteenth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Invisible Writing.” The Seventeenth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Strange Glasses.” The Eighteenth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Static Experiments.” The Nineteenth Book Of Natural Magick “Of Pneumatic Experiments.” The Twentyth Book Of Natural Magick “Of the Chaos. ” = These books are electronic versions of the originals. Expertly scanned and converted to pdf format. These books can be instantly downloaded and read on a pc, laptop or tablet. This will require you to have adobe reader for your pc or tablet – this is a free download and can be obtained from So, you will be able to enjoy the books as they were originally intended. Note: Some of the files are compressed with WinRAR. So, you require WinRAR Software to unzip the files. (Read More-

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