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Nature Bright Per2 Smart Lamp

Nature Bright Per2 Smart Lamp
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A Naturalistic Daylight Rhythm Simulator That Mimics Day, Dawn, and Dusk Lighting

Per2 gives you a living light on your desk and in your room, which can be one’s sacred place for creation and ideas. Per2’s living light is your best companion for enjoying freedom after escaping from stress and the monotony of your daily routine. This light’s dawn and dusk simulation and daylight rhythm facilitate this escape, bringing the advantages of natural light indoors.
Features and Benefits

High performance LED reading and ambient lamp
Ultra-Modern Design
Intense Clarity
Simulates naturalistic daylight rhythm
Mimics sunrise and sunset
Digital alarm clock
Brightness adjustable from 500 lm to 1000 lm
Color temperature adjustable 2700K, 4000K and 6500K
Color Rendering Index (RA) 80 up
Reduces eye strain
Improves sleep
Enhances alertness and energy level
Promotes concentration and learning skills
Only 10W

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