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Ned Kelly Edition UNSHAKABLE Sunglasses by BÆNDIT

Ned Kelly Edition UNSHAKABLE Sunglasses by BÆNDIT
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New UNSHAKEABLE™ sunglasses can be locked around ear for extreme sports or straight for top comfort. Going from a cocktail party to football game without missing a beat.

Edward “Ned” Kelly was seen as the Australian equivalent of Robin Hood. Born in 1854 he became a Bushranger at the age of 14 after his father was killed by police. His main source of income was bank robbery. Ned Kelly was eventually captured and hanged after a violent confrontation with police where he wore a homemade bendable metal plate armour and helmet. BÆNDIT in this shape reflects the roughness of Australia early pioneering bush life and the Kelly’s last stand inventiveness.

FRAMES: Frame made of new generation TR-90 polymer: lightweight, flexible and impact resistance. TR90, a memory polymer material allows this frame to be incredibly light but also strong, with a resistance to deformation index of 620kg/cm2 and the ability to regain its shape.

LENSES: Custom S20 Revo lenses made specifically for BÆNDIT to work in the toughest of environments and filter out 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC. Made from Thermoplastic Polycarbonate composite for extra strength and durability.

CORE: BÆNDIT alloy core is processed and engineered to reach exceptional reversible plasticity properties. Its ductility and malleability performances allow the core of the temples and bridge to deform, hold position and move back to original when pressure is applied.

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