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Neon Chess Set

Neon Chess Set
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Hand-made neon chess board made from acrylic 440mm x 440mm x 120mm (depth)
34 hand-carved, triple-weighted, lacquered boxwood chess pieces (including x2 spare queens) 10.2cm
Chess pieces are Gloss White v Shadow Black
Purling London branded leather felts
Power adaptor and dimmer

Designed and developed by Purling’s team in London, our unique Neon Chess sets are hand-fabricated by artisans. The specially designed board lends a dramatic tone to the game, as light and shadow play upon the sleek, beautifully weighted pieces – lacquered in deep colour and crafted from exceptional quality hardwood. Each sets is hand-made to order to with your choice of neon colours. A pleasure to play or observe, Neon Chess is a striking addition to a contemporary interior.

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