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Nest Cat Bed

Nest Cat Bed
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We make beds that are more than just beds, for cats that are more than just cats. The Hepper Nest Bed is designed with the modern pet in mind. Your cats or pups will love that it’s the perfect shape for curling up for a snooze and you’ll love that it looks great in your home. The Nest has a fuzzy fleece liner that pops on and off, so you can easily give it a shake to get out all that fur, or just throw it in the wash. The Nest is made of a fabric covered “soft-touch” shell, which means it’s soft and flexible, not hard and cold like plastic.

Grey Nest Grey Fleece / White Microfiber Removable Liner *Features* – Interior cat bed liner pad of sherpa fleece for maximum coziness and it’s easily removable and washable. – The cat bed is made with a soft-touch construction of flexible molded foam with fabric laminated on both sides. – Comfy bowl shape with for leaning against. – Wide lip for resting tired heads. – Overall size 17.5″W x 17.5″D x 5.75″H. – Bed area is 15″ diameter, 5.5″ deep. Please check to be sure your critter will fit. – Best for cats and small dogs up to about 14 pounds, but even the big guys can curl up if they want! *Materials & Care* – Cat Bed Materials: The rounded shell parts are a soft-touch construction: there is fabric laminated to both sides of the molded foam shell. The liner fabric and the laminated fabric on the shells are all poly. – Cat Bed Care: The first step we recommend is to take a vacuum or lint roller to the beds to remove as much fur as possible.

Then use a clean rag and warm water with a very mild soap solution to spot clean. Do not put any of the molded parts into a washing machine. – Cat Bed Cleaning: Also try a gentle cool water spot wash in the sink with a tiny bit of detergent. These parts are flexible and you will be able to bend them to fit into the sink. Air Dry only. – Liner in Cat Bed: machine wash cold water on gentle, low temp dry.

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