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New Collection Shades of Rock presented by Rock ´a ´Dirndl

New Collection Shades of Rock presented by Rock ´a ´Dirndl
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We are a young label called “Rock’a’Dirndl”. With this kickstarter project we want to bring our new and high-quality collection “Shades of Rock” to the German and American market. We combine extraordinary Bavarian Dirndl with the American Rocking Lifestyle. And the whole thing in a single dress … our “Rocking Blacks” !!! This “Rocking Blacks” from our collection “Shades of Rock” are made of the finest leather and can be combined in hundreds of ways. Whether with or without apron or different straps and chains in the chest area, combinable blouses and other assesoirs … it always looks different and sits like a second skin! And we did it for the women… for every single diva, queen, princess and lady! You will love it!

The clothes are made from finest nappa leather from sheep and both the seams and the zippers are high quality. Every single dress is hand-made and the quality is checked by us individually. The embroideries and all ornaments are designed by us.

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