New Place Who Dis wine label funny housewarming gift gift

New Place Who Dis wine label funny housewarming gift gift
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No one cares about the name of the wine you can barely pronounce, so wine not add humor to it! TipsyLabels allow you to turn any ordinary wine bottle into a funny decorative piece for any occasion. Whether youre throwing a themed party or just want to add humor to your wine collection, weve got you covered. No pun intended. Please note that the wine in this photo is not included All wine labels are printed using high quality weatherproof paper. Beside the wine bottle with the funny label, you can include a funny doormat if your friend moved into a new house. Overview: label dimensions: 4×5 please note this does not include the wine. share it with us: We know youre doing it for the gram & we support it. Share your party instas with us by hashtagging #TipsyLabels- we love to see! how to apply: Please note the directions below for easy application: 1. Remove your Tipsy Label from the backing paper by pealing the backing at a tight angle. (Note: peel slowly!) 2. Lay the bottle down on a flat surface and/or ask someone to hold the bottle down to stop it from rolling away. 3. Simply apply the wine label in its place. Make sure you’re not placing too high- to avoid wrinkling Bonus tip: if you want to take of the existing bottle label, soak the bottle in warm water for 5-15 minutes with 5 teaspoons of baking soda to easily remove! (Check out YouTube tutorials)

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