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New weatherproof style shells and denim street bags

New weatherproof style shells and denim street bags
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For the first time ever, Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear (OMO) have created a new product line. Introducing weatherproof street bags made with a waterproof denim fabric.

We feel that our weatherproof coats and jackets have been successfully filling a growing niche in street fashion and outdoor performance. Now we are applying the exact same concept to a bag collection that will keep your valuables and essentials protected from the elements with style.

Our new bags are everyday urban bags with beautiful designs and are now elevated with our waterproof fabric. They are not too be considered as water duffle bags or meant to be submerged under water for long periods of time.

They are designed to keep your essentials dry during a downpour, snowstorm, accidentally dropped in large puddles and other situations when protection is needed.

We have done an amazing job sourcing and creating a bag that will make you feel great using and will not break the bank.

Sweet Clothing is a small company that designs and produces the brand names Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear. We are very close to emerging and to become a modern-day outerwear company thanks to the help of Kickstarter, our backers, and retailers.

Our niche is multi-use weatherproof fashion outerwear and now bags. We find that there are very little options to have a fashionable “city look” outside when the weather conditions are poor.

Our product is great for students, soccer moms and dads that want to watch their kids play soccer in the rain or snow, minimalist people that like to travel to other places, commuters, and so forth.

We are in a very capital intensive industry with a niche group of products that serve our customers very well. However, the more we grow, the more it costs to stay competitive. To keep the costs down for affordability reasons, we need to make hundreds at a time. We hope that one day, one of these campaigns will not only support the project we are trying to finance but maybe help finance the company so it can function more smoothly and keep innovating.

Thank you in advance for supporting our new bag collection. For those that have backed previous campaigns, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, because you are the reason why we are in business and are starting to thrive.

We started designing high tech camping jackets and then transcended them into fashion jackets. Using similar tech as the large outdoor brands, we start out using our weatherproof membrane which is bonded in-between the custom fabric layers.

Our new bag collection is made with our latest and newest custom fabric using denim. The denim is then coated with a PU layer similar to our membranes but is more cost-effective as the bags don’t need to breathe. On the outside of the fabric is a DWR treatment similar to our coats and jackets. This allows the water to bead off your new bag.

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