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New York DIY Loft T15 Kit

New York DIY Loft T15 Kit
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Create your own micro loft by using the space above you. Completely modular in design, the DIY system allows you to adjust in height and width to fit your space. From residential apartments to garages, work studios all the way to industrial warehouses, the mezzanine is an adaptable loft system.
New York DIY loft T15 Complete KIT consists of: T15 Structure KIT (cod.21002), T15 Stair KIT (cod.31001), T15 2x Flanks Handrail KIT (cod.41102). You can build your own custom system or buy a package and add or adjust later on with this smart modular system.

Length: 88.5 x 163 inches or 7’4.5″ x 13’7″
Width: 79 x 142 inches or 6’7″ x 11’10”
Height: 68 x 111 inches or 5’8″ x 9’3″
Beams and Purlins edge: 7.9 inches
Load capacity 40lbs/ft² to 121lbs/ft²

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