Nightmare before christmas sally potion poison bottles and

Nightmare before christmas sally potion poison bottles and
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When the rag doll made the dr. some soup she used these 3 ingredients:deadly night shade ( to knock him out!) frog’s breath & worm’s wart!( to cover up the oder from the frog’s breath!) of course i’m not offering the ingredients! just these cool bottle props for you to display. they all have parchment paper labels with burnt edges all around Them(GIVES a real aged appearance) each bottle has a distinct design, the writing all done in ghoulish nightmare style & charm! all labels are heavily coated with decoupage & clear coat sealed. Bottles are embellished with ties or moss. you also get 1 wooden soup tasting spoon adorned with a coffin shaped cardstock tag! as you know the dr. wouldn’t touch his soup until she tried it first. so she cleverly pulled a spoon out of her sock that had holes in it so the deadly soup would go right through it. Bottles i use come in a variety of shapes & colors. Some are repurposed antique. i always use 3 different colors & sizes. Bottles range 5″-6″ tall MMMMMMMmmmmmmm scrumptious! bottles, & spoon are strictly for decorative purposes. not to be used as toys or filled with consumables. props in pics are not included. listing is for the 3 bottles, & 1 spoon only. this set is the perfect gift for that nightmare fanatic!

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