Nintendo Switch Sheikah Slate Case 3d Print Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Switch Sheikah Slate Case 3d Print Breath of the Wild
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There is also a phone case version of this on my shop, check it out! The main photo shows both handle version options, the left displays the “fabric” handle and the right demonstrates the “plastic” handle option. It is a style choice you get to choose between to either feel more realistic or look closer to the one in-game This is a full scale, entirely 3d printed version of the Slate that works as a case for the Switch console from the amazing game BotW and its purpose in the game is the map that guides you throughout the world as well as grant you several amazing powers. There are vent holes so the system can breathe and there is no scratching cause by the case either! Perfect for any cosplay and guaranteed high quality with real cloth wrapping and hand painting. Made from abs plastic (the same stuff legos are made out of) so it is very durable. The painted option comes exactly as the pictures show while the unpainted option is unsanded and completely white, for those who want to diy it at home! The unpainted option comes as a completely white, assembled kit print for sanding, gap-filling, and painting to be done by you! When buying the “fabric” handle type option and choosing to get the “unpainted” option will result in a solid flat bar handle being shipped, no fabric will be provided while the “plastic” handle option will be a textured handle like the photos but will still be unpainted This base model was made by SoulEaterGaming for Senpai3d:

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