Nippon-Ichi Fujisan Umbrella

Nippon-Ichi Fujisan Umbrella
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Japan’s most famous mountain and now also a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Nippon-Ichi Fujisan Umbrella is a tribute to one of the most instantly recognizable symbols in the land of the rising sun. But Mt Fuji is more than just a pretty mountain. It’s also a religious place and has significant mystical properties.

This continues today in the whole cult of Mt Fuji, attracting pilgrims from all over the country. There are also “mini” Mt Fuji rocks around Japan, including even in Tokyo, forming a kind of mountain range linked by the sacred elements inside the mountain. If you carry Mt Fuji around with you, it is said to protect you. This Nippon-Ichi Fujisan Umbrella then functions like a stylish amulet as much as a way to keep off the rain.

Created by Nakagawa Masashichi’s brand of contemporary Japanese crafts, Nippon-Ichi (Japanese Market), the design on the canopy forms the famous snow-capped Fuji shape as seen from above but (and here’s the cool thing), it’s made up of mini triangular Mt Fujis too! The name in Japanese is also a clever pun, meaning both “Mt Fuji” and “Fuji umbrella”.

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