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NomNom Crumb Catching Cat Bowl

NomNom Crumb Catching Cat Bowl
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Fit for royalty, the Hepper NomNom Bowl is your best choice for healthy eating and clean floors.
For cats and dogs, two things that matter in life most are eating and sleeping. These are important activities in your life too, but you’re probably not as lucky as your cat to be able to prioritize them so highly.

Our pets may not care too much about how their dinner is served, but they certainly have opinions about clean bowls and fresh food. A single piece of old food stuck to the bowl can cause a picky eater to turn their nose up at the whole meal.

That same picky eater probably has no qualms about making a mess of your floor either!

Meal time manners are rare in our feline and canine friends, and they often leave lots of evidence of their Nom-Noming. As a pet owner, cleaning up after each and every meal can quickly become frustrating.

While any cat with good taste will appreciate the NomNom Cat Bowl, the real benefits are all for you, their parent.

The NomNom Bowl keeps your floors clean – The tray forms a moat around the bowls, so if your little one is a messy eater, their kibbles will end up in the tray instead of all over your floor.

Both bowls are easily removed from the base – Only touch or wash what’s actually dirty. Easily separate your cat’s food and drinks – Keep food in both, food in one and treats in the other, or food in one and water in the other. Your cat will be able to tell you what it prefers most.

An added feature is protection from larger ants. Simply adding water to the moat will prevent bigger ants from climbing over the tray to the bowls, so your pet’s food stays safe.

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