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nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor System

nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor System
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[Slow Leak Detection] Proprietary AccurateTemp® Algorithm normalizes temperature fluctuations throughout the day, enabling the ZUS® APP to accurately detect any slow leak.
[Boost Driving Safety] A set of 4 sensors, one for each tire, sends real-time tire pressures and temperatures directly to your smartphone. Get APP notifications whenever things look abnormal.

[Self-Install in 10 Mins] Anyone can set up in 3 easy steps. Take it with you on your next trip and install it on your rental car in just 10 minutes.
[Save on Fuel] Underinflated tires cause your fuel consumption to go up. Save up to 11 cent per gallon with properly inflated tires.
[Award-Winning APP] ZUS APP is easy to use with frequent, free upgrades. With Cloud-Enabled Family Sharing ,you will be able to manage all your cars from one APP and share with your family.

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