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Notion Intelligent Home Sensor

Notion Intelligent Home Sensor
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Keep your whole home healthy with a Notion Starter Kit. Or select an Expansion Kit to add to your existing system.
*Note: One Notion Starter Kit covers most apartments and small homes. It’s easy to expand when you need to add to your system.

Know when people (or pets!) are coming, going, getting into things they shouldn’t, or even delivering your mail!
Water Leaks
Water is the biggest threat to a home, even compared to fire and theft! Knowing the second a leak breaks out can mean the difference between a mop and a basement remodel.

What good is an alarm if you’re not home to hear it going off? Place a sensor near your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm to receive an alert the moment it sounds.

With a single thermostat, it’s impossible to know the temperature in other rooms. Place sensors throughout your home to keep your family, pets and posessions comfortable.
Whether you’re interested in home security or saving energy, place sensors on your windows to receive alerts if motion is detected.

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