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Nuclear Lamp

Nuclear Lamp
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Style: Light + Lamp + Plug

This Nuclear Bomb Explosion Mushroom Cloud Lamp is sure to add a boom to your desk, side table, or any surface in your home or office.

PLA is a 3d printing plastic made from corn-starch or sugar cane. It is 100% biodegradable, and non-toxic. 3D printed products made with PLA are durable, strong, and useful items that hold up for life. PLA is not the most temperature resistant material, so it should be kept away from extreme heat as this will cause warping.

This item is 3d printed and there will be some small imperfections. 3d printed objects are built up layer by layer with melted plastic pushed through a nozzle to create the final product. That being said, as can be seen in the photos, the object will be of the highest standards. No shortcuts are taken so you may enjoy a sturdy, and durable product.

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