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ODii Pick Up Tool

ODii Pick Up Tool
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ODii- The Ultimate Pick-up Tool is the must-have pick-up tool for any vehicle and every household.
Rescue those hard to reach items in your car, at home, or even at work!
The ODii was designed from the ground up to retrieve items from hard to reach places and it does so incredibly well thanks to it’s 3-in-1 design.

3-in-1 Design Features:
3 tools in 1 grabber, magnetic pick up tool for all your retrieval needs. The ultimate multi tasker.
Extendable telescopic claw that reaches out up to 19 inches.
Detachable, flexible, telescopic, extendable magnet reaches up to 23 inches and lifts up to 2 lbs.
Bonus detachable led light makes this pick up tool extremely useful at night time
Perfect for garage car repair, vehicle check up, also for use at home, and at work. Compact design that fits in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

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