Oliso Solemate Silicone Iron Soleplate Protector

Oliso Solemate Silicone Iron Soleplate Protector
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  • PROTECTS YOUR OLISO IRON’S SOLEPLATE – Made from durable, high quality silicone, the Solemate will your TG-series iron (TG1600, TG1250, TG1100 only) from scratches, scuffing and other damage so it will perform smoothly for years to come
  • EASY, PEASY STORAGE – Use the loop on the nose end to hang your iron on a wall-mounted hook (not supplied) for quick and convenient storage
  • FITS SECURELY TO THE SOLEPLATE OF YOUR IRON – Flexible tabs on the sides and back, and a nose pocket lock the Solemate to your TG-series for storage and transport
  • REMOVES QUICKLY AND EASILY. Push down on the tabs to slide the solemate off the iron
  • VENTILATION HOLES IN THE SOLEMATE – Allows air in and disperses heat out for quicker cool down times
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