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Oliso Sous Vide SmartHub

Oliso Sous Vide SmartHub
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The Oliso SmartHub is a powerful induction burner that can plug into any power outlet and instantly give you the capabilities of a kitchen range. What makes it revolutionary is the gold plated contact module that allows various SmartTops to dock with the SmartHub so that the two recognize each other and communicate seamlessly within 0.1 degree accuracy without the need for batteries or recharging. The first Oliso SmartTop, the low ­temperature Precision SmartTop is designed to heat liquid to a precise temperature and keep it there. This allows you to cook sous vide with bags in the traditional manner and allows for precision techniques directly in the bath, making it far more versatile than any other temperature controlled cooker.

In addition to Sous Vide, you can slow cook, make yoghurt, infusions, brew beer, make cheese, stock, poach a chicken, and much more. Use the induction SmartHub as a burner for any induction friendly pot or pan. The Precision SmartTop is a removable, large capacity (10.4 Liter) water bath designed to hold liquid at exact temperatures for long periods of time. It brings water to temperature significantly faster than an immersion circulator and uses minimal energy. It is a premium sous vide appliance, but offers so many more applications in only one square foot.

No need to purchase all the extras like weights, wrap, tubs, racks, etc. The Oliso SmartHub + Top come fully equipped! With an heavy duty silicone edged top, rack, and spacer plate, there’s no need to baby sit those 48 hour ribs.

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