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OLIVE Designer Fire Extinguisher

OLIVE Designer Fire Extinguisher
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Everybody needs a fire extinguisher. Why not one that looks beautiful?
Made to be exposed, Safe-T combines function and design. Spice up your interior with a stylish Safe-T Designer Fire Extinguisher, a totally unexpected and thoughtful gift!

Safe-T is a chic, stylish and uniquely designed fire extinguishing device. Unless dusty red bottles tagged with instructions is your thing, a fire extinguisher is most likely not the highlight of your interior! Safe-T is an attractive and elegantly designed fire extinguishing device that’s meant to spice up your kitchen and keep you safe.
Built according to strictest CE norms and made out of the highest quality materials, Safe-T is the swankiest fire extinguisher you’ll ever own, dressed up for show and ready to be exposed!

Innovative eye catching fire extinguishing device
Clever stylish modern look to blend in any kitchen style
Made with the highest quality
Works like a normal fire extinguisher

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