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Omni-Directional LED Light Bulb by NanoLeaf

Omni-Directional LED Light Bulb by NanoLeaf
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Bright meets Brilliant

Nanoleaf’s scientific and intelligent design captures the highest levels of lighting performance at the lowest level of energy consumption.

Nanoleaf combines the energy efficiency of LED lights with a modern and efficient design to achieve seamless natural lighting at a fraction of the power consumption of comparable wattage light bulbs. The Nanoleaf can be retrofit into any traditional light bulb socket, to help users achieve lighting brilliance while decreasing energy usage.

A Look Inside Nanoleaf

Using True Omni-directional Light Output creates a perfect 360 degree lighting solution for lamps or fixtures requiring a standard Edison base.
NanoLeaf utilizes a customized over-temperature safety feature to ensure the bulb never overheats, and is safe to use within fully enclosed light fixtures.
Created with the environment in mind, Nanoleaf can help you reduce your energy consumption and every Nanoleaf is mercury and lead free.

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Instant-On Capabilities

Unlike Compact Fluorescent lights, the NanoLeaf bulb achieves full brightness the instant it is turned on. Additionally, the Nanoleaf performance is not affected by frequently turning on and off. Each nanoleaf bulb has an expected life of about 30,000 hours.
Omnidirectional Lighting

Unlike other LED light bulbs, the NanoLeaf bulb directs light in all directions. This allows for light to be distributed evenly, comparable to traditional light bulbs.
The Coolest Light Bulb

The Nanoleaf’s energy efficient design allows for very little energy lost due to heat. The Nanoleaf is safe to the touch, even after extended periods of use.
Reducing energy consumption

Using Nanoleaf light bulbs, users can dramatically reduce their energy consumption. By many measures, consistent usage, over the lifetime of the Nanoleaf bulb, energy savings can equal or exceed the purchase cost of the Nanoleaf.

With the Nanoleaf bulb, users do not have to trade poor lighting quality or long warm up times for energy efficiency. Instead the Nanoleaf bulb delivers the highest levels of performance and consistency at the lowest level of power consumption, and is immediately available to users at the flick of a switch.

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