One Love Candle Collection (SKYLINE)

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Nyc skyline CANDLEHave love in your heart. With love and in love, the way you treat people, the way you handle work, the way you manage your challenges, the way you have faith and the way you run your life is and has been my gage for nearly everything that i do. It was an instantaneous want to collaborate when Thompson Ferrier came across my messages of Love, Positivity and nyc Skyline. There is no place like nyc and we all know the energy it has. You just get that feeling when you are in nyc. Imagine: love in 43 languages. i am thrilled to bring positivity and fragrance together through my designs.fragrance Notes: Midnight Orchid – Rose, Violet & AmberTime: 80-100 hoursweight:15.5ozscent:very StrongSKU:TFMS-ONELOVE

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