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One-Touch Ultrasonic Beer Server for Cans

One-Touch Ultrasonic Beer Server for Cans
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Product features ★ Can be installed / removed with One Touch! One Touch Beer Server ◆ One second generated by ultrasonic waves, 40,000 bubbles ● The creamy bubbles are created by ultrasound. ● Its frequency is important. ● As a result of thorough verification, the vibration frequency was set to 40 kHz. ● This means that it is vibrating at an unspeakable speed even to the eye of 40,000 times per second. ◆ Flexible addition of foam ● Instead of squeezing out foam from existing beer, we adopt a method of adding bubbles from new beer.

● With the deliciousness of the beer under the foam intact, you can easily add bubbles. ◆ Easy to enjoy with various scenes ● For daily drinks, party, outdoor, active in a variety of uses. ◆ It corresponds to the size of three kinds of cans ● Can correspond to cans of 250 ml / 350 ml / 500 ml size ◆ Can wash the pour spout hygienically ● You can remove the ultrasonic unit and wash the spout. ◆ Using AAA batteries × 2 ※ ● (Sold separately) ● About 30 minutes can be used with AAA size batteries × 2, 350 can can be used for about 120 pieces ※ ● (When used for 15 seconds with one can) ※ ★ ★ Detailed description Bbatteryy “Newsbridge”

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