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One Wheel Halo Board

One Wheel Halo Board
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One Wheel Halo Board

The halo board consists of one wheel under the electric skateboard. The one wheel was designed with visionary intelligence to allow riders to get the full experience of riding a surfboard or snowboard, on concrete. The rubber tires are composed of traction composite materials which allow for the best grip on any road. The one wheel tires have properly inline grooves which enable the electric skateboard to ride through minimal gravel, packed dirt, or concrete surfaces. It has been designed for speed while emphasizing traction to ensure the experience of a lifetime. Whether you a beginner or an avid rider, the halo board is sure to take you to new places never experienced before.

Speed: Up to 10 mph
Range: Up to 10 Miles
Tire Size: 8 Inch Non-Flat Tires
Weight Limit: 45 to 264 lbs
Charge Time: 1 hour
New Self Balancing: Halo Balancing Technology

Hill Grade: Up to 18 Degrees
Weight: 25 lbs
Halo LED Lights: Yes
Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
Battery Life: Up to 2 hours
Safe Battery: Certified Samsung Lithium Ion Battery
Charger: UL Certified Charger
For Ages: 10 and up

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