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One80 Light Headlamp

One80 Light Headlamp
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Say goodbye to limited tunnel vision of the traditional headlamp. Strong, clean and clear peripheral visibility of the patent pending ONE80 Light Headlamp completely changes the way you see in the dark. The only headlamp that simulates having natural day light and allows you to use your natural peripheral vision.

So light you’ll forget you have it on. At only 3.3 oz (including the 1.5 oz battery pack) the ONE80 Light is adventure ready. There are no protruding plastic pieces or parts that stick out from your body. The lightweight and flexible fit makes wearing it hardly noticeable.
Quick and convenient, the micro USB charging cable makes the ONE80 ready when you are. Recharge the battery with an outlet, your computer or solar panel. Now includes new 2 brightness setting 1800mA battery pack! Get up to 3 hrs of battery life on high and 7+ hrs on low.

New possibilities open up with interchangeable parts. Quickly and easily trade out with a backup battery. Remove the LED illumination band and the battery pack from your headlamp and light up your tent. Regardless of how you use your ONE8Ø Light, it will likely get dirty. Simply remove the illumination band and battery pack to machine or hand wash your headband.
Most headlamps have 1 or 2 LEDs. If they’re super powerful you may see 4 or 5. The ONE8Ø Lights’ super bright 20 LEDs (360 Lumens ) wrap the front half of your head to ensure you don’t lose any of your peripheral vision

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