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Onyx Group Communication Device

Onyx Group Communication Device
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Instant group voice communication over wireless and cellular networks.
Say goodbye to the hassle of renting dispatch radios forever. Orion means no more contracts, fees, or network limitations.
Any phone. Any carrier. Enjoy managing your groups without limitations.

How it works:
In order to use your Onyx, you need a smartphone or other mobile device (iPod, etc.) with bluetooth and data access (Wi-Fi or cellular data). If you use cellular data to connect, we recommend a connection 3G or faster.
Onyx connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth, and uses your mobile’s data connection to access the Orion network and speak to other Onyx devices. To get started with your Onyx, download the Orion app.
Compatible devices:
Android devices
iPhone 4s or newer, or iPod touch 5th Gen.

System requirements:
Operating system – iOS 7 or newer; or Android 4.1 or newer
The Orion app – for best performance, use the most recent version
Stable mobile data connection

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