Organic Cherry Smoker Wood…Chunks for smoking bbq

Organic Cherry Smoker Wood…Chunks for smoking bbq
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Organic Cherry Wood Chunks for Smoking free shipping This sale is for approximately 4-6# pounds of hand picked, peeled, disease and pesticide free Cherry Smoking Chunks with no bark. Enhance your grilling experience by adding this slightly sweet fruity smoke at your next bbq. Our chunks will come packed as tightly as possible!! These Cherry chunks will add a mildly sweet and fruity smoke to any meat and also gives light-colored meats a rosy tint. These wood chunks are approximately 4″x1-2″ but we can cut them smaller or bigger if desired. Also if you would like a smaller or larger quantity, please let me know! Thank you! Buckeye Hardwoods Any of our smoking wood is also the perfect size for cubic mini wood stoves!!

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