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Ostad Electric Fly Swatter Racket

Ostad Electric Fly Swatter Racket
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  • POWER – The Ostad fly zapper is a powerful tool packed with enough voltage to eliminate flies and other pesky insects. The zapper-racket kills bugs instantly, making it perfect for cookouts, camping, picnics, and porch-sitting year round.
  • CONVENIENCE – This handheld bug racket includes AA batteries so it is ready-to-go. Unlike bulbs, repellants, and sprays, this electric fly swatter is made to be as convenient as possible. Take the fight to the bugs, and meet them in the air—kill bugs quickly and efficiently.
  • VERSATILITY – This handheld electronic wasp, hornet, bee, mosquito,fly and lady bug zapper raquet is made for indoor and outdoor use. The lightweight bat can be used to stun moths and other insects. The best defense against any pest, our durable zapper can deliver a beating to any killer bug!
  • SAFETY – Use our electric racket knowing it’s eco-friendly and safe for your pets, guests, and family. This stunning device is activated with the touch of a button – ensuring no accidental and painful run-ins with bug zapper light bulbs and no unsafe chemicals inhaled through smoggers, pesticides, or candles.
  • CLASSIC LOOK – The Ostad electric fky swatter racket in classic yellow features a unique square mesh zacket head. At 17 x 6.7 x 2.4 inches, it covers more area than competitors—zapping pests in one hit. Relax knowing your tennis game doesn’t have to be perfect— our swatter has you covered! It is perfect to use after you cleaned your home and a pesky bug enters through the open window.
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