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Oura Wellness Ring in Shiny White

Oura Wellness Ring in Shiny White
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Meet ura. Your new solution for better sleep, health and performance. The ura ring tracks your data from your finger, which has a stronger pulse signal your wrist. This natural, comfortable form factor provides a constant flow of insightful data, 24/7, no matter what you’re doing.

With dynamic sensors that sit directly on your finger’s artery, URA recreates your pulse waveform. From this, URA can derive important physiological data: every single heartbeat, plus the distance between each beat when you are sleeping also known as your inter-beat – interval (IBI) and your respiratory rate. This allows URA to accurately determine your sleep stages, including REM, Deep and Light sleep.

Pair your ring with the ura app on your smartphone (iOS and Android) and you’ll receive daily updates, so you can make informed choices based on how your body responds to your lifestyle.

The ring charges in under 30 minutes, and stores all your data on the device, so you only connect when syncing data with the app.

ura can be worn on any finger, and our easy-to-use sizing kit will help determine the right size for a snug fit. When you place your order, your ring sizer kit will arrive in 3 business days.

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