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OxyLED Q6 Multi-Functional Lamp

OxyLED Q6 Multi-Functional Lamp
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This bright OxyLED Q6 LED light will light up your camp, beach, backyard, or even your house during an power outage. The light has on settings of 2%(dim), 50 %(normal), 75 %(bright), 100%(supernova) and flashing 50% with a 1 second duty cycle of on/off, which allows you to preserve battery power when needed and also are ideal for camping, reading, entertaining, emergencies and more.

It features a built-in long life rechargeable Li-ion battery, which can be charged via a included mini-USB cable. With OxyLED’s durable, drop-resistant crafts, the Q6 will last for years and provide bright natural light for your indoor or outdoor activity.

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