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Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp
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Do you love the classic Pacman game? When you are playing the game you would try every possible move to get away from the ghosts-but now there is a Pacman ghost sitting on your desk, lighting up your dark room so you can work on your computer or maybe play the Pacman game…will you still try to run away from this USB Light-Sensitive Pacman Ghost Light or will you be grateful that it’s keeping you company? You decide.

This USB Light-Sensitive Pacman Ghost Light is made from polished Polycarbonate which is a better material than ABS plastics for this type of product. It comes in four adorable colours and each colour actually carry a hidden meaning: red (I really miss you); yellow (I really like you); blue (I’m waiting for you) and white (I only care about you). If you have been having a crush on someone this USB Light-Sensitive Pacman Ghost Light would be the perfect gift to show them how you feel about them, plus every night when their room lights up and they are looking at the Pacman ghost they will think of you!

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