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Pajama Warming Pouch

Pajama Warming Pouch
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Please Note: Pajama Warmer shown in box for display purposes only. Product will come in poly bag. With a Pajama Warmer® you can experience the feeling of going from “chill to thrill” with warm pajamas, socks, towels, lingerie, gloves, hats, baby clothes, wipes, massage oils, lotions and more. This temperature controlled electric warming fleece bag heats pajamas or any item placed inside it in 10 to 15 minutes.

Never put on cold pajamas again, or put cold clothes on your newborn. Ideal for keeping baby wipes warm. The Pajama Warmer® uses only 50 watts of power making it very economical to use. Save a trip to your dryer and save energy too! Instructions for use of Pajama Warmer®
1) Slide your pajama top and bottom into the bag on each side of the heating element, close the flap, plug in the cord, and turn on the switch.
2) If you have just one item such as a nightgown or towel, slide it into one side of the bag.
3) Leave in the warmer for about 15 minutes before removing your warm pajamas or any other item you want to warm up.

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