Palo Santo Smudge Spray Organic Essential Oil Energy

Palo Santo  Smudge Spray  Organic Essential Oil  Energy
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Smudge Spray For around you and your space – Energy Clearing Mist – Smoke-Free Alternative to Traditional Smudging – Clear Negative Energy From Your Home or Office Tired of smoky sage in your home or office? Use liquid Smudge in Spray instead of smoky smudge products for clearing. Intend to replace negativity with Love, Light, and Positive Energy. Spray it around you and your space. Smudge in Spray consists of medical grade pure essential oils and distilled water. Listing is for one (1) bottle of the Spray, you choose the size (please note that the blue glass bottles in the first photo are the 1oz, 2oz, and 4oz) Please review the 2nd photo for the 10ml, 5ml, and 3ml (sample size). Palo Santo is used in South America in much the same way as White Ceremonial Sage is used in North America- to combat negative energy and to cleanse the space. This uniquely aromatic oil is quickly gaining popularity in the aromatherapy and perfumery worlds. This grounding oil is prized for its spiritual applications, and adds a lovely rounding note to essential oil blends. Palo Santo is often used by Amazonian shamans in sacred plant spirit ceremonies; the rising smoke of the lit sticks is believed to enter the energy field of ritual participants to clear misfortune, negative thoughts and to chase away evil spirits. Shake well before each use. Room freshener- Spritz generously into the air, avoiding fragile furnishings. Smudging is a ritual to clear energy and purify your space. Traditionally, you’d burn dried white sage, or another herb to smudge. This is a wonderful and widely used technique for getting rid of unwanted negative energy in your home. However, it’s not always feasible to do so. Some people simply can’t smudge using dried sage due to allergies or restrictions on burning things in apartment building, office, etc…i created this Smudge Spray as a quick and convenient alternative to smudging. Great for healers to quickly clear the energy in your office space between clients.

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