PARTU Sous Vide

PARTU Sous Vide
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  • THE PRACTICAL PRECISION COOKER FOR NOVICE – Launched Jan 2019 with updated technology based on thousands of workers’ constant tests and updating. Perfect if you’re a beginner to sous vide or looking for an extra cooker to add to your collection. Exquisite, compact sous vide tool available at just 14 inches tall and 2.98 pounds, Serves up to 8+ people. Fits on majority pots. Adjustable clamp.
  • A VERY ACCURATE THERMOSTAT – combined with great 360°water circulation. In the process of cooking ,the current water temperature reported on the control panel typically varies by no more than 0.2℉from the true temperature tested by the thermometer. No variation in temperature between different areas of the pot. Temperature range: 77.0℉-211.8℉. Time controls up to 99h 59 minutes.
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO USE – The metal sleeve and bottom assembly come right off with a twist of the wrist, making it very easy to clean inside.No wifi/bluetooth,but really you don’t need to remote control sous vide — just set it up on the pot,then walk away for an hour;it stops automatically when the timer is done.This one is just as functional without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • METICULOUS DESIGN – The Right Angle of the Control Panel keeps the electronics from the heat rising from the water,and therefore cooler than straight tube designs. The care was made to avoid moisture attacking the electronics.
  • TWO YEAR AFTER-SALE – Before we sell this product , PARTU SOUS VIDE MACHINE passed CE,REACH, ROHS, TüV, gas and ETL and quality testing. If you have any questions, our customer officer will respond within 24 hours once you send us an email.
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