Peabody Faux Boxwood Garden Dog

Peabody Faux Boxwood Garden Dog
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Peabody Faux Boxwood Garden Dog is the right decorative piece to start a conversation. Its playful designs and life-like features will make you and your guests smile. The peeing position is sure to tickle children and adults alike.

This is a great thing, as you don’t want someone to come visit your home and bear a gloomy attitude.

Of course, it pleases the hosts and the guests alike when there is laughter all around.

The floppy ears and the wide smile are guaranteed to make you smile every time you pass by it. Let us take a closer look at this adorable green dog.


It is mounted on a wire frame. It gives the dog a sturdy yet flexible appearance. The wire is a high-quality material which is also durable. It also includes other man-made substances that contribute to its sturdy frame.

The faux greenery used in the making of the body is lush and green. It gives the dog a realistic canine silhouette.

The premium materials easily mimic natural boxwood. All the materials are also weather resistant, which makes your beloved dog last for years.


The green dog requires minimal to no maintenance. It is mostly due to the excellent quality of materials used in the construction. It needs no pruning, cleaning, cutting, or manicuring. The topiary sports a healthy fresh look for years on end.


This dog has a dimension of 31 inches in length, 19 inches wide with a height of 27 inches. It weighs a total of 7 lbs.

The Peabody Faux Boxwood Garden Dog is a versatile piece that can be placed anywhere. But the most ideal locations would be in the garden or an entrance. It also fits perfectly near a pool or any other part in the lawn or a landscape if you have it.

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