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Perfect Hydration Bladder Pack

Perfect Hydration Bladder Pack
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  • DRIP-FREE & LEAK PROOF – Premium military grade hydration pack bladder for backpacks has twist shut-off valve on mouth piece that won’t drip! Reliable leak proof water reservoir pouch, roll-top seal, large opening, perfect for hiking, biking, running. Hydration bladder quick-release shutoff valve won’t leak when detaching tube from waterpack.
  • PERFECTLY TASTE FREE – Non-toxic hydration resevoir 2 litre capacity gives you taste-free water while climbing, cycling, running, hiking. FDA approved, BPA free hydropack. Quick-flow hydration bladder water reservoir includes soft-bite mouthpiece to stay hydrated & energized.
  • STAY LIGHT & BALANCED WHILE ON THE MOVE – No more water bottles! Lightweight, hands-free water storage bladder bag improves balance with center baffle for a hydration pack bladder w/ less slosh. Slim profile hydration water bladder loads quickly into your hiking / camping backpack, Camelbak or Hydropak.
  • ASSEMBLES FAST & FILLS FAST – Fill, close, load and enjoy! Large opening for quick reservoir fill. Convenient quick-release tube detaches fast from waterbag, rounded corners for fast & easy clean, drying & storage. Lightweight, flexible material collapses flat for easy packing & storage.
  • BUY TODAY – This affordable hydration bladder pack is available today on Amazon Prime at a reduced price. Stay hydrated on trails with confidence with our limited lifetime manufacturer warranty! Click the ADD TO CART button at the top of this page to place an order!
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