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Perforated Honeycomb Cube Pendant Necklace

Perforated Honeycomb Cube Pendant Necklace
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Perforated surfaces are found throughout architecture from old lattice-works in the Middle East to modern buildings in the West. Designer Alia Hasan thought it would be great to apply to smaller scale jewelry designs and came up with a series of jewelry items including this delicate looking honeycomb cube pendant.

The cube is constructed out of a black dyed nylon plastic that is formed by an additive layer by layer process known as 3D Printing. It is hung from a fine gunmetal chain that measures 24″ in length. She’s coated the cube with a clear glaze which gives it a slightly glossy finish.

Brand: Archetype Z Studio

Designer: Alia Hasan

Material: 3D printed in a black plastic nylon material

Dimensions: Cube – 0.5″, Length of chain: 24″

Available Color: Black

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