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Perola Hanging Fireplace

Perola Hanging Fireplace
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The Glamm Fire Perola Ceiling Hanging ethanol fireplace is the pure expression of balance and elegance. Its deep inspiration from the sea is creatively expressed by its distinctive design features: the quality of materials, harmony of its lines and flexible adjustment.

Aesthetically and functionally, the Perola has a high-end finish and represents GlammFire´s outstanding craftsmanship and approach to the concept of hanging fireplace. Your room deserves both comfort and personality. That is exactly what the Perola bio-ethanol fireplace provides.

Black/White lacquered finish (custom finishes available)
Adjustable flame height
No chimney required

Burner Capacity: 2 L
Burning time: up to 6h
Heat output: 9,213 BTU
Net weight: 187lbs
Materials: Lacquered Steel
Dimensions: 30.5″ Ø x 79″-87″ h mm*

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