Personalized Railroad Spike Knife railroad worker gift cool

Personalized Railroad Spike Knife railroad worker gift cool
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Hand forged railroad spike knife, this knife is a great gift for train collectors, railroad employees, or anyone who can appreciate the fine craftsmanship and artistic style that goes into creating each one. Authentic spikes purchased direct from the railway manufacturer, make our knives a favorite for any railroad enthusiast. Being hand forged by a blacksmith, make our knives a cool addition to any knife collection, Forged in Fire fan, or anyone who appreciates the hard work and passion of a blacksmith. Knives are 8.5″ total length, 4.5″ blade, 4″ handle. Wire brushed finish with a natural wax coating. Dimensions may vary slightly as each item is handmade and forged independently. We file sharpen and harden them to hold an edge. For a finer edge the customer must apply a wet stone or graphite stick. We recommend these knives for light to medium duty use. They are intended for average functionality as well as show. We do not recommend them for heavy duty use or survival type use. stamping location options: 1. No Stamping 2. Head Stamping (15 character limit, due to space constraints) 3. Side Stamping (40 Character limit, 20 per side) 4. Combination (Tell us what combination you want.

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