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(Pet-A-Tree), where every pet deserves a pedigree

(Pet-A-Tree), where every pet deserves a pedigree
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e(Pet-A-Tree) is a unique interactive app. that will bridge the gap between pet and parent. It is a tool used to connect members of the Pet-A-Tree society. This website will allow pet parents within our family tree to build and customize their own pet-pedigrees. In addition to posting virtual Flyers directly from your phone, P.C., or tablet, Pet-A-Tree allows users to branch out to other members within their family tree who may help increase the quality of life for their companions. As stepping-stones on an uncarvedpath we can change the way every pet parent in the world perceives the logistics in a virtual family tree. The Pet-A-Tree application is designed to give every pet on God’s green earth that ability to become an individual. The pedigree family is a humanitarian based Forest of information branching outward everyday to bring the quality of life to every living companion. The Pet-A-Tree application will enable those who truly love their pets to carry out a personalized database of Vital Information concerning their loved ones. This database of information will be a complete spreadsheet containing every detail of your pet. Your created database of information will certainly increase the Vitality rate, and possibility of adoption in case of an unfortunate life-changing incident. Pet-A-Tree believes that families looking to adopt a family member from a local animal shelter, dog pound, online ad, or through a previous parent will have a jump start on inviting their new family member into their family, and into our tree. With are branches stretching far, and our Roots dug in deep, we can help save the lives of many and increase the quality of living for our true companions.This website will have the basic family tree structure, which will consist of your pets grandparents, the mother, the father, aunts, uncle’s and of course the siblings, and so forth. Your creative pedigree will allow those who are not AKC registered, as well as those who are AKC registered to manage and create a detailed virtual family tree with their pets family history. We will have our pets estimated breed for those who are uncertain, containing thier age, color, markings, likes and dislikes, even their medical history will be attached. This online app. will let others who reside in our family tree and abroad to be aware of our loved ones shortcomings, such as diabetes, hip dysplasia, site, and hearing issues etc. We believe that having all the strong and weak points of our pets will increase the quality of life for our loved ones and their offspring as well. We have created a family-based app named The “Bark alert” which is (patent pending) that will notify all that reside within our worldwide family tree, as well as a local animal shelters, humane Societies, veterinarian clinics, and even our local Animal Control Officers out on patrol that we are missing our dog, cat or even a bird. This notification will contain Vital Information of our loved ones, such as their name, their markings, there likes, and dislikes, even your pets personolized pictures will be attached. The “Bark alert” will enable you to notify other members and abroad that your pet is harmless, and may be cautiously approached, or that the pet should not be approached because of safety issues concerning the pet etc. There are many great life-enhancing apps that are attached to the Pet-A-Tree project that will reside within Pet-A-Tree’s scope of operations as funding from future Angels land upon our tree. I am just one man who has the vision to save the lives of many through Project Pet-A-Tree. As Pet-A-Tree becomes more of a physical entity by web creation those who possess local, National, and worldwide pet related businesses will be able to advertise and sell manufactured goods through our website. These companies will be able to advertise on our website for a small fee. The overall goal for project Pet-A-Tree is to sustain life for those who may become less fortunate in our world and to enhance the lives of those less fortunate pets. Pet’s who have parents that love them enough to become family members of (Pet-A-Tree) “where every pet deserves a pedigree” will prove to the world that they truly love their companion. I feel as the creator of this business with the right investor, Pet-A-Tree will become as huge as Facebook, if not larger. My theory of size was derived from a mathematical equation, The equation was as simple as the following reality, normally one member in a single family home has one Facebook account, although statistically this single individual has at least two pets in the home. I truly feel that this company with the right amount of love, and of course the right investor financing we can become an enormous success. With my pugnacious attitude and your current, and previous Financial abilities, we can make project Pet-A-Tree more than a reality. I am willing to give up a generous portion of this company to the right investor or investors. I’m willing to do so in order to start saving the lives of the less fortunate due to to senseless euthanasia of animals…. With with a pedigree of every pet, you to can help cure that ignorance of many.

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