Pet Beach Face – Personalised Pet Towel

Pet Beach Face – Personalised Pet Towel
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Imagine having to lie on the cold hard ground? Or, worse, straight on the sand?! That’s no way to relax at the beach. If you really loved your pet, you wouldn’t subject them to such cruel and unusual seating conditions. Instead, you’d let them lie down and luxuriate on their very own Personalised Pet Beach Towel. This thing is super soft and cosy but dries really quickly so your precious pet won’t be shaking off on you any time soon. Why let them have all the comfort? These towels are definitely big enough for you to use yourself. There’ll be no confusing whose sunbed is whose with Fido spread all over your one! Just upload your chosen picture and we’ll do the rest. You’ll be sunbathing with your pet in spirit in no time! Not got a pet? Get one of a human! From your mum to your favourite celeb, we’ll print anyone you want on a beach towel.

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