Pet Carrier Pet Sling Pokemon Pet Pouch Handcrafted Dog

Pet Carrier Pet Sling Pokemon  Pet Pouch Handcrafted Dog
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Pokemon Print Pet Sling, Carrier/Pouch, Puppy Sling – limited fabric! upgrade design: The pocket has been modified to be hidden and allow it to be worn on the left or right shoulder! – Carry up to a 35lb Pet – 1 Size fits all (Adjustable) ~ all shapes and sizes can utilize the carrier. No need to get a different size for each family member – Comfortable to wear – Pocket for your phone, keys, potty bags or treats – Safety strap ~ attach it to a harness or collar – Handcrafted – 100% Cotton – Washable Your pet will love it!!! Tired of holding your Pet all the time? Want to give them total comfort and security while leaving your hands free,. Pet Sling (Carrier/Pouch) is known for it’s popularity as a baby sling and now we have a item just for carrying your precious pet. We have modified it due to a pet sits different than a baby. Your pet will have plenty of room to sit up, lay down, or whichever position they choose. It can be used for many types of small pets, including guinea pigs, ferrets, along with the family cat and dog. The Pet Sling is great for holding your pet while at home or on the go…very comforting for those trips to the groomers or vet. Care & Instructions Wear your sling on one shoulder and under the opposite arm, with the seam in front. Open pouch and tuck your pet in bottom first. Let them get comfortable and attach the safety strap to their harness or collar to give you and your pet the extra security. Machine was in cold water, tumble dry low. Your sling has been pre-washed. Using cold water and a low dryer setting will prevent any further shrinkage and keep you sling looking great. Never perform any task with your pet in the sling that could be dangerous. The maker and seller of this item takes not responsibility for injury due to the use or misuse of this product. Your pets safety is your responsibility. Picture 1 – Puppy Sling (Pet Carrier) Picture 2 – Listing Fabric Sample Picture 3 – Happy Customer Picture 4 – Sample of adjustable strap, safety strap and pocket (note: pocket modified to be hidden and allow it to be worn on the left or right shoulder) Picture 5 & 6 – other Available colors Picture 7 – Happy Customers Pet Carrier All rights reserved. This item holds CopyrightAny reproduction or distribution of this product is strictly prohibited. Visit our shop for other handcrafted items! etsy:

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