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Sometimes we wonder if life would be better if we just put a dog in charge. They’d come out with a similar amount of barely-comprehensible nonsense, but at least it’d be inoffensive. Thankfully you can take out all of your political frustrations on these cheeky Pet Hates toys. Well, not you. Unless you need to release some seriously pent up rage. Ideally, you’d let your dog have the fun. Anyway. Take your pick from two blonde buffoons bombshells – Trump or Bojo. Both feature their signature floppy hairstyles and are made from hardwearing poly-canvas with reinforced seams so your furry friend can really go to town. While these political playthings are incredibly durable, they’re not indestructible so make sure you monitor play… or just let your dog go wild and reduce two of the most powerful men in the world to a pile of a drool-soaked stuffing. Up to you.

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