Philips HUE Dimmer UK Single Light Switch cover

Philips HUE Dimmer UK Single Light Switch cover
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Custom printed uk format Light-Switch cover for Philips hue Dimmer. This cover bolts on over the top of a standard 1-gang single light switch, in uk pattress format. It allows access to the switches beneath, and requires no electrical knowledge to fit. Simply unscrew the existing switch, fit cover over the top, and re-screw. Covers include one neodymium rare-earth magnets to hold the Hue Dimmer in place. Everything in Home Automation geared towards the United States market. Home automation in the uk is rapidly growing in popularity, with the release of Amazon Echo in the uk, and Apple’s Home App in ios 10. Unfortunately, all the Smart Switches are designed to fit in with us style light switches. If you’ve ever tried to mount one of these in the uk, to replace an existing 1-gang light switch, you’ll notice that it just doesn’t cover the hole. To solve that problem, we present the dfx Home Hue Dimmer Single Light Switch Cover. Available with standard hole (single switch) or wide (double switch) What’s in the box: 1x 3d Printed Hue Single Light Switch Cover, 2x m3 bolts Outer Dimensions: w: 94mm x h: 98mm x d: 16mm Inner Dimensions: w: 86 x h: 86 x d: 10mm Screw Interval: 60mm Colour: white. Finish: 3d Printed. Can be painted to suit buyer’s requirements. For those users with surface mount pattress boxes, see our dfx Light Switch Cover Spacers in 10/20mm here:

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