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Phonotonic Music Maker

Phonotonic Music Maker
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The first smart object that turns your movement into music! Imagine playing air guitar, and making actual music. Well Phonotonic is sort of like that. It is a truly unique musical experience. Control the beat and the melody just by moving! Phonotonic talks to the app via Bluetooth and turns your movements into music in real time. You just need to choose your favorite music pack: now move with Phonotonic, You create music. You can remove the sensor and place it in everyday objects, in a sports ball, in your clothes: put it in your socks and dance to make music. Then you can play the music on your Audioengine A5 Sounds System.

Control the beats, the melody, and sounds effects, just by moving with Phonotonic!
You can use one phonotonic. Control the music, rhythm and melody altogether, with your moves.
With two phonotonics, control the melody and the rhythm separately for a richer and more fun experience!
From iPhone 4s and +, iPad mini and +, iPad 3 and +, iPod Touch 5 and +
From Android 5.0: Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z, Motorola X (non-exhaustive list)

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Check price on Amazon.com

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