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Phorus PR1 Receiver

Phorus PR1 Receiver
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Already have a great home audio system? Make it a great wireless home audio system. Stream high quality audio from an Android phone, tablet, or Kindle Fire to your stereo with the elegant Phorus PR1 Receiver.

Featuring DTS’ breakthrough Play-Fi Technology, the PR1 lets you stream all the songs from your music library, or your favorite Pandora station, right from your Android phone, tablet, or Kindle Fire, over the existing Wi-Fi network in your home. Music streams with pure, lossless quality to the receiver and analog out to your stereo through a high end DAC.

Connect two or more, and you have a truly wireless whole-home audio solution. Choose a speaker, choose a song, sit back, and enjoy music at home the way it was meant to be. Only from Phorus.

Multi-room; Multi-User: Link two or more Phorus PR1 Receivers/PS1 Speakers for multi-room streaming with perfect audio synchronization, or have several users stream different songs to different rooms at the same time.
Wi-Fi Range, Quality, and Speed: Works with your existing Wi-Fi network, using the latest Wi-Fi protocols; Stream music losslessly, anywhere your Wi-Fi goes. No hassle set-up using only your Android device.

Your device is the music source: Stream from your music library, or Pandora! You can also connect to a media server, and stream from that, too. Link and control the entire speaker/receiver network from your device.

Works with your existing system: Connects to your stereo via mini-jack or RCA. High quality DAC delivers outstanding analog audio out
Bluetooth compatible too! Want to stream any audio on your device? Connect over Bluetooth and you’re good to go. iOS or Windows devices can also use Bluetooth to stream to the PR1. Note: multi-room functionality is not available for Bluetooth streams

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