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Pikaplant Jar Self-Sufficient Greenhouse

Pikaplant Jar Self-Sufficient Greenhouse
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A decorative, poetic object that means you’re always close to nature… “Jar” is a miniature ecosystem! This hermetic greenhouse which contains a mini-palm tree is completely autonomous. You don’t need to take care of it, water it: just enjoy watching this miniaturised piece of nature grow day by day! Leaving the earth and roots visible, this transparent glass mini-greenhouse plays the total purity card. Displayed under this minimalist bubble, the mini-palm tree is transformed into a precious museum piece!

The mini-palm tree (Chamaedorea) was gathered in and then planted by hand and hermetically sealed inside the glass jar. Chamaedorea are small indoor palms from the family Arecaceae, native to South America, Central America and Mexico, where they grow in humid, sometimes mountainous forests. The Jar greenhouse recreates the palm’s optimal growing conditions in its natural environment. The jar continuously recycles the water and air inside, imitating very wet natural biotopes.

By automatically regulating humidity, oxygen and temperature levels, it creates the ideal environment to ensure optimum growth. A few tips: don’t place your greenhouse in direct sunlight, but go for indirect light instead. A reliable indicator for a good location is the amount of condensation in the jar. You’ve found a good place if, during the day, one side of the jar is covered with mist and the other is clear. The palm tree will need about a week to acclimatise to its new location. Plant included: mini-palm tree (Chamaedorea). PLEASE NOTE: when you receive it, remove the black strap around the rods inside the glass jar.

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