PilaFoot high-quality smart football

PilaFoot high-quality smart football
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PILAfoot is a high quality size 5 football … with a built-in sensor chip connected via bluetooth to your smart phone. Sensors inside the ball measure touches, speed, curve, spin & more. PILAfoot allows you to play skill games and see your results live on your smart phone. Results can be shared on social media, creating a community of Pilafoot users.
PilaFoot Functions

1. Free kick: We measure and instantly give you info on power, spin and curve of your kick.

2. Juggling:  How many times can you keep the ball up in 30 sec, 60 sec or just until you drop it.

3. Tip-Tap: How fast are your left foot-right foot tip tapping skills?

4. Pullback: How good are you at dribbling the ball backwards?

Start working on your footballs skills and become a star. Impress your friends on your skills and progress!

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